Pleasantly superior in every way

Let’s face it the chemical industry has its 700 lbs gorillas that are well known and that have huge competitive advantages. Some of our employees and consultant have had long careers with these behemoths and know how they think. We are not one of those gorillas.

That’s why when Tersus Chemical was first dreamed up its approach was to be completely different. Our first formulations were developed with the goals in mind to create a sustainable, bio-degradable product. The product would be pleasant to use for our customers and help remove harmful chemicals from the work environment.

Today Tersus Chemical products are relied upon by Fortune 500 companies and Fortune Global 500 companies to prolong the life of equipment, help their employees be more efficient and cut down the time spent maintaining and preparing equipment down significantly.

Most importantly your compliance with environmental regulations can now be done without having to make trade offs in strength and efficiency. This is because our products fulfill the strictest EPA and California regulations leaving you.

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