Tersus Clean 611 EX 2

The Tersus Clean 611 EX 2 formulation is a revolutionary blanket and roller wash designed from the ground up to comply with California Rule 1171 and 1401 without compromising on performance or usage experience. It will handle ink, ink residue and paper residue with strength that exceeds even some of the strongest conventional washes while being fully compliant with all US environmental regulations.


  • Complies with California Rule 1171 and 1401
  • Water-miscible
  • Evaporates quickly
  • Tested by Böttcher and proven safe for use on rubber blankets and rollers
  • Contains no petrochemicals or petrochemical derivatives.
  • Completely biodegradable
  • Rinseable with water to minimize downtime
  • mild citrus odor
  • Non-carcinogenic

Benefits of use

  • Economical to use:
    • Powerful formulation
    • dilutable with water
  • Minimized downtime:
    • Product evaporates quickly, or can be flushed quickly
  • Great usage experience
    • Pleasant odor
    • Exceptional cleaning power provides for rapid cleaning
    • Non-cariogenic


Tersus Clean 611 EX 2 can be diluted to your desired strength simply by adding water. For optimum performance: please shake before use.

On Blankets:

Apply Tersus Clean 611 EX 2 liberally on a clean rag, then use simple wiping movement to quickly clean the roller. Tersus 410 evaporates immediately; manual drying is not necessary.

On Rollers:

Apply Tersus Clean 611 EX 2 on top of roller, use either a manual rag or wash-up blade to remove ink from roller. Repeat as necessary.

On automatic wash systems:

Tersus Clean 611 EX2 can be used in automatic wash systems in its undiluted original strength form.

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