Tersus Clean 650

The Tersus Clean 650 Bio Based Low VOC Ink Cleaning Solvent formulation is a revolutionary blanket and roller wash designed from the ground up to comply with the requirements of federal agencies and completely satisfy their printing needs.


  • Reduces downtime from cleaning allowing a significant increase in productivity
  • Can be diluted with water to reach desired strength and maximize ROI
  • Improves efficiency by reducing employee exposure to harmful chemicals


  • Water-miscible
  • Evaporates quickly
  • Contains no petrochemicals or petrochemical derivatives.
  • Completely biodegradable
  • Rinseable with water to minimize downtime
  • mild citrus odor
  • Non-carcinogenic

Benefits of use

  • Economical to use:
    • Powerful formulation
    • dilutable with water
  • Minimized downtime:
    • Product evaporates quickly, or can be flushed quickly
  • Great usage experience
    • Pleasant odor
    • Exceptional cleaning power provides for rapid cleaning
    • Non-cariogenic


Tersus Clean 650 can be diluted to your desired strength simply by adding water. For optimum performance: please shake before use.

On Blankets:

Apply Tersus Clean 650 liberally on a clean rag, then use simple wiping movement to quickly clean the roller. Tersus 410 evaporates immediately; manual drying is not necessary.

On Rollers:

Apply Tersus Clean 650 on top of roller, use either a manual rag or wash-up blade to remove ink from roller. Repeat as necessary.

On automatic wash systems:

Tersus Clean 650 can be used in automatic wash systems in its undiluted original strength form.

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